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On the defense line

Le 12 April 2017, 07:52 dans Humeurs 0

On the defense line, the first season of Christopher - Le Tang season reimbursement to the team's playoff prospects cast a huge shadow, replacing him to play the team's important role in Justin - Schultz's recent performance is not ideal Taylor Chorney Jersey, the past 8 Only three assists in the game Marcel Goc Jersey, not in the offensive and defensive series to bring strong protection, but also in the defensive aspects of the mistakes, but fortunately veteran Ron - Heinusi and Brian - Du Mo Lin, who's good performance, Schulz's play burden Olli Maatta Jersey, the last three games he has assists into the account, the state began to pick up. Goalkeeper position, the day before the rest of the Matt - Murray debut the possibility of high, the last five times starting him for the team won four victories earlier this month in the Rangers game, he faced 33 shots made 30 saves, he will strive to use the perfect performance to help the team swept the opponent season. After the goal of the shark team is still Buyiburao, defender Brandon - Dylan's long-range although Elliott was saved, but he once lost control of the ball, shark three striker Marcus - Soren Morimen close by the blank range Ron Francis Jersey, but Elliott quickly made a second reaction, the ball firmly under the block. Fire team also have the opportunity, a group of Sean - Manahan close shot by Dylan in the door line siege. 18 minutes 07 seconds, the shark team will expand the score 2: 0, Tierney make exquisite backhand pass, Elliott choose to attack but rushed empty, Mickels - Bodega taxi to the goal On the other side, the center of gravity was deceived Elliott was unable to make the fighting action, the face of the goalkeeper Bodega calmly control the ball, hit the beautiful lobs into the ball.

After the loss of the flame

Le 12 April 2017, 07:52 dans Humeurs 0

After the loss of the flame team began a wave of crazy counterattack, the first 19 minutes and 54 seconds, they finally pulled back a city Tom Kuhnhackl Jersey, although the Dell had made a brave fight, but in the flame team crazy attack, he still failed to The team to keep the two goals ahead, the flame two groups forward Michael - Floric in the blue line near the long shot, Del make a save, but the rebound ball fell to the teenager Matthew - Tekachk's pole, he was selfless The ball to the other side of the Curtis - Lazare, who easily stabbed the ball into the individual's first season of the season, 1: 2. Section III, uninterested in the flame team removed the goalkeeper Elliot, Czech goalkeeper David - Ridic played NHL career debut. The two sides continue to attack, the first 9 minutes Sorensen shot hit the post, almost for the sharks to expand the score. But the first 11 minutes and 25 seconds, the shark team will spread again to two goals, the use of more opportunities to play less, guard Mark - Andhard - Fraser West shot in the left, the ball hit the flame guard Dennis - Whitman's club and then go through the striker Daniel - Oregon's pad shot into the net nest, 3: 1, which is Oregon's first career career Phil Kessel Jersey. The final score on this freeze, the shark team with a hearty victory, swept away the day before the loss of the oil team's decline, will use a full state to meet the arrival of the playoffs. In the backcourt Tim Erixon Jersey, the captain Ryan - MacDonald has been missing because of injuries and several games, can not help but start worrying, but the teenager Brady - Xie Yi at both ends of the offensive and defensive performance to the team a lot of confidence in the past 5 games he scored 1 ball sent 4 assists Steve Downie Jersey, plus veteran Dan - Gilardi and Nick - Holden and others excellent performance, the current team in the offensive side no problem. But in terms of defense, the team is not ideal, the number of field averages of the offensive attack rate of only 47.66%, ranking the league last six, which makes the team's prospects for the playoffs is very bleak.

Goalkeeper position

Le 12 April 2017, 07:52 dans Humeurs 0

Goalkeeper position, the main Henrik - Ronquist in the injury after the 6 starting in the team only won a victory, and only 1 game fighting rate reached 92% or more, the game believe The team will choose to let him truce Trevor Daley Jersey, substitute Antioch - Langta will debut, the performance of the main goalkeeper instability will be the biggest problem facing the cavalry. From the end of the regular season only the last game day, the playoffs against the list have also released Kael Mouillierat Jersey, the New York Rangers on Thursday 0-2 lost to the capital of Washington Patric Hornqvist Jersey, the first foreign card area ranked first, also determined that they are The first round opponent of the playoffs will be the winner of the Atlantic region of the Montreal Canadians, two "original six teams" will start a duel. The last time the two teams met in the playoffs was the 2014 Eastern Conference finals, when the New York Rangers in the 6th field out of the Montreal Canadians. The first game of the series because the Cavalry team Chris - Kleidder hit the Canadian team goalkeeper Kerry - Price, making the knee injury in the back of the game can not continue to play, Leading the Canadians that year's playoff trip also ended. Although there is Dustin - Tocalski replacement appearance, but it can not replace the importance of Price in the team David Perron Jersey. Rider of the Rangers in that year has become the number one enemy of Montreal.

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