After the loss of the flame team began a wave of crazy counterattack, the first 19 minutes and 54 seconds, they finally pulled back a city Tom Kuhnhackl Jersey, although the Dell had made a brave fight, but in the flame team crazy attack, he still failed to The team to keep the two goals ahead, the flame two groups forward Michael - Floric in the blue line near the long shot, Del make a save, but the rebound ball fell to the teenager Matthew - Tekachk's pole, he was selfless The ball to the other side of the Curtis - Lazare, who easily stabbed the ball into the individual's first season of the season, 1: 2. Section III, uninterested in the flame team removed the goalkeeper Elliot, Czech goalkeeper David - Ridic played NHL career debut. The two sides continue to attack, the first 9 minutes Sorensen shot hit the post, almost for the sharks to expand the score. But the first 11 minutes and 25 seconds, the shark team will spread again to two goals, the use of more opportunities to play less, guard Mark - Andhard - Fraser West shot in the left, the ball hit the flame guard Dennis - Whitman's club and then go through the striker Daniel - Oregon's pad shot into the net nest, 3: 1, which is Oregon's first career career Phil Kessel Jersey. The final score on this freeze, the shark team with a hearty victory, swept away the day before the loss of the oil team's decline, will use a full state to meet the arrival of the playoffs. In the backcourt Tim Erixon Jersey, the captain Ryan - MacDonald has been missing because of injuries and several games, can not help but start worrying, but the teenager Brady - Xie Yi at both ends of the offensive and defensive performance to the team a lot of confidence in the past 5 games he scored 1 ball sent 4 assists Steve Downie Jersey, plus veteran Dan - Gilardi and Nick - Holden and others excellent performance, the current team in the offensive side no problem. But in terms of defense, the team is not ideal, the number of field averages of the offensive attack rate of only 47.66%, ranking the league last six, which makes the team's prospects for the playoffs is very bleak.