Although the last time climbed to the third partition, but the face of the senator is probably not the Bruins hope against the team this season, four times the face of the Senate all the negative, their striker in the face of Craig - Anderson when the total difficult Find the solution Mark Recchi Jersey, Anderson four times the face of the Bruce team fighting rate reached 94 Daniel Winnik Jersey.6%, but the gap between the brown bear and the opponent is not far away, remove the empty door ball, both sides only one game points difference eventually came to two goals, so this Confrontation between the two sides may be the final score will be very close Matt Cullen Jersey. Every day to the "NHL Little Ice" public headlines left the heart to comment (to express your comments on the NHL game and the player's comments Dominik Uher Jersey, etc., must take the heart of the quality of the actual content of the reply, or get more praise But also did not qualify), the comments received the highest number of approved the first can get 30Q coins, the second and third were 15Q currency, fourth, five, six, seven by 10Q currency! Activity time from today to the end of the season every day! Important thing to say three times, every day to send, every day to send every day to send! Get the amount of approval up to the next day of small ice push time. But the two of them brave to play and did not drive their partner forward, Karl Hagelen and Patrick Hornquist past seven games did not score recorded, Crosby partner Chris Kunitz and Connor Xie Rui only 1 ball into account. Fortunately, the three groups of Nick Bernino, Phil Kassel and Jack Guernerze scored a total of three goals, sharing the burden of the two first-hand body.