Goalkeeper position, this season Ronquist's play is not ideal, which makes the offensive dominance data ranked league countdown rangers completely exposed weaknesses, while the opponent Kerry - Price after the Olympic Games in the state like a transit , Although in the middle of the season his performance was a significant decline, but in the final stage of the season he continued to use the wonderful performance to help the team locked the partition first, in this door god of the ultimate duel, Rehnquist's experience will be him The only magic weapon to win. This season, the regular season 46 wins and 23 losses of 13 overtime negative Mario Lemieux Jersey, a total of 105 points. This is the fifth consecutive season for the ducks won the Pacific region's first name Bobby Farnham Jersey, but unfortunately, they have four consecutive seasons in their own home to lose grab 7 war. Every year lost to different opponents, this year's ducklings do not know whether it will go through a grab 7? As the rear line of the two generals Trevor Daly and Christopher Le Tang's long injury Derrick Pouliot Jersey, the team had to trade in exchange for veteran Ron Heinrich and Mark Streit Nick Spaling Jersey, which gives the team The backcourt caused the turmoil, the game team in the guest when Buffalo was 0: 3 behind, through the current team in the backcourt core Justin Schultz brave play, they were 4: 3 difficult to reverse win. On the offensive end, the team still has to rely on the two star players to play, the two groups of Ye Weigongi Malkin continue to perform well in the past seven games he scored 5 goals sent 3 assists, performance to pressure The team core Cini Crosby 3 ball 2 assists.