Goalkeeper position, the main Henrik - Ronquist in the injury after the 6 starting in the team only won a victory, and only 1 game fighting rate reached 92% or more, the game believe The team will choose to let him truce Trevor Daley Jersey, substitute Antioch - Langta will debut, the performance of the main goalkeeper instability will be the biggest problem facing the cavalry. From the end of the regular season only the last game day, the playoffs against the list have also released Kael Mouillierat Jersey, the New York Rangers on Thursday 0-2 lost to the capital of Washington Patric Hornqvist Jersey, the first foreign card area ranked first, also determined that they are The first round opponent of the playoffs will be the winner of the Atlantic region of the Montreal Canadians, two "original six teams" will start a duel. The last time the two teams met in the playoffs was the 2014 Eastern Conference finals, when the New York Rangers in the 6th field out of the Montreal Canadians. The first game of the series because the Cavalry team Chris - Kleidder hit the Canadian team goalkeeper Kerry - Price, making the knee injury in the back of the game can not continue to play, Leading the Canadians that year's playoff trip also ended. Although there is Dustin - Tocalski replacement appearance, but it can not replace the importance of Price in the team David Perron Jersey. Rider of the Rangers in that year has become the number one enemy of Montreal.